Kona Berry Coffee Fruit

Kona Berry Tea

Dried Kona Berry makes a nutritional-rich and flavorful red-colored tea by soaking the dried coffee fruit in boiling water for 7-10 minutes using a tea pot or french press.

Nutrient-Rich Kona Berry Coffee Fruit High In Antioxidants

Roasted coffee is made from the seed of the coffee tree. KonaBerry tea is made by gently drying the coffee berry skin and fruit on the outside of the coffee bean. It packs a caffeinated boost while providing high amounts of antioxidants.

On the world-famous Kona coffee belt of Big Island of Hawaii, Kona coffee trees grow on the slopes of Mauna Loa’s volcanic mountainside. Nourished by mineral-rich volcanic soil and warmed by intense Kona tropical sunlight, Kona coffee trees produce clusters of wonderful bright red berries. As the coffee berry mature, they develop powerful antioxidants to protect them from damage caused by high doses of the sun’s radiation.

Our Kona Coffee berry is hand-picked at the peak of red ripeness. Then to maintain the freshness of the kona berry, the fruit is wet milled immediately after harvest. This milling process seperates the coffee berry fruit (skin and pulp) from the coffee bean. The coffee berry fruit is then dried and low temperature milled to ensure maximum nutrient content, resulting in a coarse powder that is both nutrient-rich and easily integrated into commercial organic teas, nutritional or cosmetic products.

KonaBerry.com is a wholesale supplier of raw certified organic dried Kona berry coffee fruit.  Contact us today and we will help you learn how to add this antioxidant-rich ingredient to your organic tea, nutritional or skincare product.

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